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NARVA Safety Lamps

NARVA Safety Lamps Make Work Sites Safer

A well-lit working environment is a safer workplace and under today’s Health & Safety requirements that is most definitely a non-negotiable outcome.

In places where materials handling, agricultural or construction equipment work alongside people, clear visibility is paramount, so NARVA has designed a new range of safety lights that increase situational awareness for both drivers and pedestrians.

Now being introduced to New Zealand by NARVA, the new Safety Light models are ideal for a range of machines and equipment such as forklifts, elevated work platforms, excavators, loaders, tractors etc. 

Depending on the model selected, each projects an intense light to the front, sides, or in zones around the vehicles, clearly alerting people on the ground of their presence, particularly when equipment is changing direction, reversing or emerging from a hidden area. 

While reversing alarms are already mandated on forklifts and other equipment, in loud and busy working environments such as factories and warehouses, the alarm can be lost amid background noise, making a product like Safety Lighting extremely important.

“Statistics indicate many accidents in the workplace involve people working close to moving equipment, so anything that alerts them – especially those wearing ear defenders – to the nearby presence of a forklift or other machine, should be welcomed and that is where the NARVA Safety Light range can play an important role,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, distributor of NARVA lighting products in New Zealand.

There are three options available in the new Safety Light range: a 10-to-60V Blue Spot model; a 9-to-80V Red Safety Line Lamp; and a 9-to-64V Red Safety Zone Lamp. All models feature high power Cree 3W L.E.Ds for maximum visibility.

The 10-to-60V Blue Spot safety lamp is perfect for use on forklifts, emitting a crisp, blue square-shaped light on the ground forward of the vehicle courtesy of its four L.E.Ds. The added visibility is particularly valuable to anyone crossing from a blind angle, such as in between racking or in front of an oncoming forklift, thus providing a continuous safe operating distance guide for pedestrians.

This model is sealed to IP66, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Designed for commercial transport, agricultural and mining vehicles and machines, the 9-to-80V Red Safety Line Lamp projects an intense, red ‘Do Not Cross’ safety line to one side of the vehicle courtesy of its six LEDs, alerting nearby pedestrians and other vehicles of ongoing operation and potential hazards. 

Given that this light is more likely to be used predominantly in outdoor environments, it’s rated to IP66 and IP67 for improved weatherproofing.

Capping off the range, the 9-to-64V Red Safety Zone Lamp is fitted with 12 powerful L.E.Ds, making it a great addition for construction, quarrying and forestry equipment, such as excavators and loading vehicles, where it can clearly identify danger zones around the machine where others should keep well clear. 

All three of the new lamps are impact-resistant thanks to their aluminium die-cast and powder-coated housing and polycarbonate lens. Each model is supplied with stainless steel brackets for easy and convenient fitting.

For added longevity in tougher conditions, both the 9-to-80V Red Safety Line Lamp and 9-to-64V Red Safety Zone Lamp models are vibration tested to 7G, with the latter model also fully sealed and waterproof to IP68 and IP69K, making it ideal for the toughest off-highway environments.

In addition to their impressive light output, the new Safety Lamps feature a low profile and compact design and benefit from a low current draw. For added peace of mind, all models are backed by a 5-year L.E.D warranty. 

NARVA’s three new Safety Lamps join an existing 9-to-110V ‘Blue-Spot’ model and all can be purchased at leading automotive and transport outlets throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Limited New Zealand (09) 525 4575.