A Simple Way To Tie Up Gear

Gear Tie Is A Simple Way To Tie Up Gear

A tough, bendable twist tie that has hundreds of uses around the home, garden, car, boat, work or farm has just been introduced to the New Zealand market.

It’s called the Gear Tie and the name says it all.

Made of a sturdy, colorful rubber exterior with a strong bendable wire interior, the Gear Tie can be used to wrap, tie, secure and organise just about anything, from cables, tools, bundles of material and other items in a neat twist.

Or they can easily be bent into the shape of a stand to hold a tablet computer, cellphone or other device where it can be easily viewed.
Available in a range of colours, including green, orange and black, Gear Ties also come a a variety of sizes from 15cm (6 inches) to 61cm (24 inches).

“They are just like the the small twist ties that we’ve all used to seal plastic bags for years or to tie up small cables, only these are much bigger and stronger,” says Bruce Walker, Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, the New Zealand importer and distributor of Gear Ties.

“They are great of tidying cords on power equipment in the garage and keeping them from getting tangled or to keep ropes in place on a boat. Loop them around tools and hang them off a hook in your garage or use them to hang lanterns from during summer garden parties or bar-b-cues. They are so easy and quick to use, I’m sure people will find endless ideas for them.”

Gear Ties are waterproof and safe for use in fresh or salt water without damage. They are also UV resistant and will not be damaged or destroyed by extended sun exposure, so Gear Ties can be used in all weathers outside, as well as indoors.

The tough rubber shell provides excellent grip and the strong wire inside holds its shape and can be bent, tied and untied countless times without losing its strength or breaking. And with the outside casing being made from rubber, it won’t mark or scratch delicate items.

Gear Ties come in twin packs and are available through automotive and other retail outlets throughout New Zealand.

Gear Ties are a handy idea to keep cables, tools, ropes and wraps of material tidy and organised.

For further information contact Bruce Walker, Sales Manager, Griffiths Equipment Ltd phone (09) 525 4575 or 0274 724 439.