BIG RED L.E.D Driving Light

BIG RED Unveils Expanded L.E.D Driving Light Range

Big Red’s new L.E.D lighting catalogue is out, providing buyers with an expanded range of high quality automotive lighting products that won’t break the bank.

Since the brand launched in New Zealand last year, Big Red lights have established a reputation for performance and reliability at very competitive prices. That has been further enhanced through an expanded line-up covering popular sizes of L.E.D driving lamps and light bars that can now be viewed in the latest on-line catalogue.

In the ‘Free Form’ L.E.D and ‘High Power’ L.E.D Driving Lights the line-up includes the highly popular 180mm and 220mm ‘Free Form’ L.E.D models. These feature sophisticated free form reflector technology that captures and focuses the light, producing a powerful spot beam combined with a smooth, wide, white spread of light (approx 60000K).

For those who require even greater LED performance, Big Red’s new ‘High Power’ 180mm and 220mm models are the answer. These lights are equipped with 5-Watt ‘Cree’ L.E.Ds (18x5W: 90W and 30x5W: 150W) producing an enormous volume of crystal clear white light (6,300 Kelvin) in a broad flood beam that illuminates both the immediate surrounding area, as well as penetrating hundreds of metres down the road.

Meanwhile, Big Red’s extremely popular conventional L.E.D light bar range remains unchanged and comprises six popular sizes in single and double row variants. All Big Red Light Bars feature 3-Watt ‘Cree’ L.E.Ds that deliver a powerful spot beam combined with the smooth, wide spread of light, thanks to the Hybrid-style reflector optics, ideal for off-road environments.

For other drivers, including truck drivers who require clear, long distance vision outside built-up areas, the catalogue includes Big Red’s Extra Power and Distance L.E.D light bars that recently hit the market. These bars use ‘Magnifier Optics’, which are specifically designed to control and concentrate the light output into an extra distance beam that can penetrate further down the road.

Current draw for the L.E.D light bars ranges from a low 1.5-Amp at 12-Volt to only 15-Amp at 12-Volt for the most powerful bar. Catering for a variety of mounting options, these bars feature a unique, multi-angle mounting system, along with tube mount brackets to suit 25-50mm bull bars plus weatherproof connectors.

All Big Red driving lights and bars are available in 12/24-Volt and come with a three-year warranty for added peace of mind. The Big Red lighting range is available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand. To see the full catalogue online, visit For further information contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand (09) 525 4575