Can Gun For Aerosol Spraying

Can Gun Makes Aerosol Spraying Easier

For those who find using an aerosol spray can a difficult and messy proposition, here’s an award-winning invention just arrived in New Zealand that will make it a whole lot easier and more convenient.

It’s the Can Gun 1, a revolutionary new, patented pistol-grip spray can tool that easily snaps onto standard aerosol spray cans and transforms them into professional-style spray guns with effortless control and pain-free spraying – especially useful for people suffering with arthritis.

The Can Gun 1 is claimed to be the world’s first full-grip, can tool trigger, fitting over the tiny nozzle on the top of a regular aerosol that many people find awkward and messy to use. It’s already become a success in its home market in the United States.

The American manufacturer says the arthritis-friendly FullGrip™ trigger offers 22 times the surface area, compared to a standard spray can’s tip.

This trigger and the unit’s 2.5:1 leverage advantage, makes the tool, on average, eight times easier to spray with and it’s the only spray can tool usable while wearing work gloves. Its one-of-a-kind trigger eliminates finger fatigue and numbness, wrist and forearm strain and hand cramping. It also dramatically reduces chemical contact normally associated with extended application by frequent heavy users of, among other products, paints, coatings, cleaners, adhesives, lubricants and cleaners.

The Can Gun 1’s one-size-fits-all FutureLock attachment ring is compatible with all standard spray cans worldwide and requires the lowest amount of effort to attach, spray and remove, says it manufacturer.

And what’s more, it is also environmentally responsible because it is manufactured with recycled, non-toxic plastic and utilises zero-waste, space optimised, recyclable packaging.

The Can Gun 1 was recently awarded a Silver North American Retail Hardware Association’s Packaging and Merchandising Award for the following categories: Overall shelf and sales appeal; Attractive graphic design; Innovative, new ideas, techniques, materials, design or advancement in field; Economical packaging efficiency; Shelf performance, and durability and Selling Features, how well the packaging conveys the features and benefits of the product.

According to the New Zealand distributor, Griffiths Equipment Ltd, the Can Gun 1 helps the user to do a better spray painting job than by using the original aerosol nozzle, due to the improved control and accuracy afforded by the pistol grip. It can also be re-used again and again.

The new Can Gun 1 is now available at leading automotive and hardware outlets throughout New Zealand.