Hands-free work lamp

NARVA Shines A Light On Under-bonnet Work

A hands-free work lamp that is more effective in lighting up hard-to-see areas under a vehicle bonnet has been introduced to the New Zealand market by NARVA.

New technology has now replaced the ordinary torch and inspection lamps that either needed to be held in the hand or attached to the underside of the bonnet via magnet or hook, which made it difficult to direct the light where it’s needed.

Mounted on a unique adjustable clamp, NARVA’s new SeeEzy rechargeable L.E.D under bonnet lighting system packs a big L.E.D punch that clearly illuminates the entire engine bay, allowing the owner to use both hands to inspect and work on the vehicle.

The lamp is equipped with three powerful, long-life 5W ‘COB’ L.E.Ds that provide a generous 6,000K of bright white light for broad engine bay illumination and it comes with a high-quality lithium-ion battery that provides between 6-to-15 hours’ run-time, depending on the light output selected.

The light output can be adjusted to use one, two or three of the L.E.Ds, providing 350, 675 or 1,000 lumens respectively depending on requirements. Each of the three L.E.D housings can also be swivel-adjusted up to 40-degrees, so the light can be directed to where it’s most needed.

Charging the lamp between use is as easy as plugging it into a USB socket using the supplied cable (AC adaptor is also included). The charging time is 6.5 hours from fully discharged to a full charge, while an easy-to-read battery level indicator ensures the user always knows how much charge they have left.

Constructed from aluminium, ABS and polycarbonate materials, the SeeEzy L.E.D under bonnet lamp is tough, durable and designed to withstand tough workshop environments, yet is lightweight for easy installation under the bonnet and boot, or for stowage in preparation for camping or caravanning.

With adjustable, padded arms that can extend from 1,200 mm to 1,750 mm, the lamp can quickly be ‘hooked’ to the bonnet or boot of a wide selection of vehicles, from small sedans all the way to large four-wheel-drives and also light commercial vehicles. The lights themselves can then slide along these arms providing further lighting adjustment to one side to the other.

NARVA’s new SeeEzy rechargeable L.E.D under bonnet lamp is backed by a 3-year L.E.D warranty and is available from leading automotive outlets nationwide.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand (09) 525 4575