It’s Not Just A Sponge

A car-wash sponge is just a sponge, right? Wrong.

If it’s made by Kenco it will hold water better than an ordinary sponge and will resist disintegrating into tiny pieces, too.

And the good news is that New Zealand motorists can obtain a Kenco sponge in this country, because leading automotive accessory company Griffiths Equipment is now distributing the Kenco car care products here.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer the Kenco Premium Cleaning Products in New Zealand because they really are a cut above the rest,” says Bruce Walker, Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment.

“Kenco makes a wide range of products that are specially designed for taking grind out of the weekly car wash and they produce a better result.”

Sponges are a perfect example. Not all sponges have the same water holding capacity as a Kenco sponge. Some cheaper grade sponges will hold and absorb only a fraction of the water when compared to the superior Kenco products, which are manufactured in Australia to ensure a premium grade product.

The same goes for brush heads, which Kenco has almost turned into an art form with its wide range designed to do specific parts of the car. This includes a special fender brush that has a knuckle saving handle to protect the user’s hands when getting into hard-to-reach areas under the wheel arch. A brush designed for wheels utilises dual bristle loops for easier removal of dirt and brake dust grime. Kenco also makes extendable handles for its water flow brushes so users can reach the vehicle roof (they’re great for washing the side of a house or home windows, too).

All of the brush heads and extension poles in the Kenco car care range are inter-changeable with other Kenco brush ware and extension poles that have the same threaded attachment.

An alternative to the sponge and brushes are hand mits or pads made from microfibre noodles, some of which can be used for dry dusting, as well as wet washing, being very tough, yet still very gentle on paintwork.

And when it comes to drying off the car, Kenco has developed a range of high quality microfibre cloths that are super absorbent and soak up water without streaking or scratching the paintwork. Or there are the traditional, genuine or synthetic chamois leathers, which are available in several sizes under the Kenco brand.

To bring out the shine, Kenco produces superior quality polishing cloths that are very soft and absorbent for use in waxing, dusting and polishing the bodywork. A glass cleaning pad, designed especially for streak-free results will bring the glass to an equally clear shine.

The Kenco range of Premium Cleaning Products can also be used around the home and are now available throughout New Zealand at automotive accessory stores and selected retail outlets.

For further information contact Bruce Walker, Sales Manager, Griffiths Equipment Ltd phone (09) 525 4575.