Lithium Workshop Jump Starter

Projecta Lithium Workshop Jump Starter

The cold winter weather is here and that’s when batteries take a hammering, so it’s important to have the right Jumpstarter for the job.

A good option is the latest Intelli-start model from Projecta that has just been introduced to New Zealand.

Projecta has ‘amped’ up with the release of an all-new, heavy-duty 1500A, 12V jump starter, featuring even greater starting power and cutting edge technology.

The 1500A Jumpstarter is ideally suited to frequent trade use in busy workshop environments, where it can provide the user with the benefits of unlimited jump starts through revolutionary ‘Rapid Recharge Technology’ (RRT). It’s also ideal for vehicles with diesel engines.

“Jump starts are the only option if cold weather has drained the battery of an automatic and you need a lot of cranking power for the bigger batteries fitted to SUVs, utes and trucks,” says Tim Paterson from NARVA New Zealand, which distributes Projecta products here.

“The new heavy-duty version of the Projecta Intelli-start jump starters are an ideal back-stop in those situations. And being compact in size, they are very manageable to use.”
The new 1500A, 12V unit is equipped with a special Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO₄) battery allowing full day operation without requiring a re-charge, while offering faster re-charging, high power output and up to eight times the life of an equivalent lead-acid jump starter.

The combination of LiFePO₄ battery and Rapid Recharge Technology allows this jump starter to accept charge directly from a vehicle alternator (provided the alternator is fully functioning), with the RRT automatically engaging when sufficient current is present, so it can be re-charged on the move.

Thanks to the fast recovery of the lithium battery, the jump starter only needs to be connected to the vehicle battery for just a few seconds to recoup the charge it used during the jump starting process.

In a situation with an alternator current of 40 Amps, 20 seconds of ‘Rapid Recharge’ will recover 80% of the energy lost during a 200 Amp, five second jump start. And 40 seconds of Rapid Recharge will recover 100%.

Once the battery in the jump starter has been fully recharged, the RRT automatically switches off to prevent overheating.

With 550A of clamp power, the 1500A model is suitable for starting diesel engines up to 6 litres in size and petrol engines up to an enormous 8 litres, ensuring suitability for practically all passenger cars, four wheel drives, light commercial vehicle and even light duty trucks and buses.

Despite its impressive cranking power, the 1500A is much more compact and 75% lighter than conventional lead-acid jump starters. Unlike many Lithium jump starters, the Intelli-Start range provides maximum protection, safety and reliability ensuring the user, vehicle and jump starter is completely safe, with no risk of fire.

The Projecta 1500A Intelli-Start comes with a docking station and AC charger that allows the unit to be charged during storage. Projecta recommends re-charging via mains power at the end of the day, as this will increase the battery life by 10-to-20% over its lifetime and ensure it remains fully charged and ready for use when required.

Using the 1500A jump starter is simple thanks to an ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle, jump starter and jump starter / battery indicators as well as override and jump starter / battery status test buttons.

For added durability in workshop environments, the unit also features a tough, rubber-over-moulded body and premium spark-free clamps with reinforced cable connection.

Projecta’s new Intelli-start 1500A jump starter is available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand. For further information contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand (09) 525 4575.