MAGMATE Magnetic Holders

Keep Phones, Tablets & GPS Units Within Reach With MAGMATE Magnetic Holders

Fed up with your phone or GPS sliding around the vehicle on long journeys and getting underfoot or lost under the seat?

The answer is something as simple as holding them in place with a magnet.

The new Aerpro MagMate range of premium magnetic holders has just been released in New Zealand by automotive and marine accessory specialist, Griffiths Equipment and, like many good ideas, it works because it is so simple.

Slimline magnets are designed to be used in pairs for adhering items such as phones, GPS/SatNav units and tablets to surfaces such as a dashboard or windscreen. There is also a cradle version that clips onto air vents or other parts of the vehicle interior, for easy access and transportability between vehicles/boats.

“These magnetic holders are one of the best ideas we’ve introduced to the New Zealand automotive and marine markets in recent years – they’re amazingly effective,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment.

“A smartphone or GPS that is rattling around loose in a console, or on a seat, is both annoying and unsafe. Fixing it securely in place quickly, where it can be easily seen, is a much better idea and it works equally well on boats, where damage or loss is just as likely from a phone or GPS sliding around.

“The heavy-duty magnets have a very strong gripping power that holds onto the device even on the bumpiest road or lumpiest seas.”

Aerpro MagMate uses a very thin metal plate that has an adhesive side that sticks to mobile devices with or without a case. As well as being applied directly to the device, the plate is slim enough to be adhered to the battery under the battery cover, between the phone and the case or to the exterior of the case. The phone/GPS can be oriented or sit portrait and in landscape format and will stay in that position.

The plate and magnet does not interfere with the phone or GPS use, says Mr Paterson, with Aerpro advising that it is “100% safe” with these devices.

Made from powerful Neodymium rare-earth magnets the Aerpro MagMate range is claimed to be 30% stronger than others on the market.

Mr Paterson says the MagMate holders are very versatile, with drivers and boaties able to purchase additional plates for use in different locations.

The Aerpro MagMate magnetic holder range is now available from automotive outlets throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager, Griffiths Equipment Ltd phone (09) 525 4575