NARVA L.E.D Driving Lamp

New NARVA Ultima L.E.D – The Ultimate Driving Lamps

Want to light up the road ahead more effectively in the dark? Or see a 4WD track out into the back-of-beyond?

Then your vehicle is begging to be fitted with the latest in advanced driving lamp technology; the NARVA Ultima 225 and 175 L.E.D models.

They could quite literally be described as the Ultimate Driving Lamps.

New to the New Zealand market, the new Ultima L.E.D range takes driving lights to a whole new level

Aimed at commercial vehicle operators or serious four-wheel-drivers, whose vehicles are equipped with larger bull bars, these new L.E.D driving lamps deliver powerful and controlled beams that shine a bright white light up to 730 metres down the road at 1 Lux, in the case of the 225 model.

“You really have to see the Ultima 225 on a dark night to appreciate just how much light it can throw down the road – it’s just like driving in day-time,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, which distributes NARVA products in New Zealand, adding that the more compact 175 model also outperforms standard driving lamps.

Both new Ultima LED lamps use a combination of new ‘Optic Drive’ free-form reflectors and the latest ‘Cree’ XHP L.E.Ds to capture and harness the light output and precisely focus it for maximum volume and penetration.

Each lamp uses 15W XHP50.2 Cree L.E.Ds, with the 225 model producing a powerful 11,400 Raw Lumens (per pair) of bright light at 5,000°K and the 175 model producing 7,600 Lumens (per pair), each comparable to H.I.D-like output but with full illumination occurring almost instantly and delivering a whiter and smoother light output.

As well as its impressive outright performance, the 225 lamps have a very high colour rendering index (CRI) of 70 – the higher the index the better the visibility, clarity and depth perception, whilst glare is reduced.

Both Ultima models are available in combination, broad and pencil beam patterns, these new lamps are ideal for long distance illumination, for both on- and off-highway driving. Importantly, the broad beam versions of both the 175 (Part number 71638) and 225 (part number 71658) are ECE approved, making them road legal when fitted as a pair.”

They also benefit from an L.E.D front-position light pipe, which provides additional daytime visibility while complementing the light’s modern and sophisticated European design. Their L.E.D. technology also means they draw minimal power from the battery.

The NARVA Ultima driving lamp range is designed with harsh climatic conditions and demanding environments in mind, so they are fully sealed against water and dust ingress to IP67. They are also equipped with internal heat-sink reflector vents and a built-in ‘Active Thermal Management System’ for superior heat dispersion.

They are designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +65°C, ensuring all climatic conditions are covered.

The housing is made of extra tough, glass-reinforced polymer with an integrated aluminium crush tube and an integrated DT connector and the lenses are made from virtually unbreakable hard-coated polycarbonate, designed to resist stone impacts, UV exposure and chemicals.

They come with a generous 5-year L.E.D warranty and for easy installation, the kit includes a wiring harness with pre-wired DT connector as well as an additional black glare shield to go with the default blue glare shield, allowing owners to customise the look of the lamps to suit their vehicle.

The impressive new NARVA Ultima L.E.D Driving Lamps are now available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Ltd (09) 525 4575.