NARVA Plus150 Globes

NARVA Sets New Benchmark with ‘Plus150’ Performance Globes

Getting more light from your vehicle’s headlamps is a great way to improve night vision and raise safety levels on the road.

Swapping the old bulbs for a pair of NARVA Plus150 Globes from leading automotive lighting specialist, NARVA, is a quick and easy way to upgrade.

NARVA is an acknowledged leader in the development of performance headlight globes and the release of the new ‘Plus 150’ in New Zealand marks another step forward.

As the name suggests, the NARVA Plus150 Globes offers a remarkable 150% more light volume compared to a standard globe.

With such an impressive light volume comes longer beam penetration that provides forward visibility of up to 60 metres, while the whiter light output (3,700°) more closely resembles daylight. This can considerably reduce driver eye fatigue for improved night vision and added safety.

“Driving at night on twisting rural highways and byways in New Zealand can be a challenge, even for the best drivers and it isn’t hard to ‘out-drive’ the light beam projected by ordinary headlights,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for NARVA New Zealand.

“The simple step of upgrading to a brighter and whiter globe, like the new ‘Plus 150’, provides a greater field of vision after dark and makes driving easier and more relaxed when you can see much clearer into the distance.”

E-marked and ADR-approved, the new globes are totally street legal and provide a safe and efficient upgrade to Original Equipment Manufacturing lighting, making them suitable across a wide variety of automotive applications, from passenger cars and SUVs, to a range of commercial vehicles.

Despite the notable performance benefits, there is no increase in power consumption or heat displacement with NARVA’s ‘Plus 150’ globes, meaning they can safely be used in polycarbonate headlamp assemblies.

This latest release adds to NARVA’s extensive range of performance globes, which also includes ‘Plus 60’, ‘24V Plus 100’, ‘Plus 100’, ‘Plus 120’, ‘Blue Plus 110’, ‘Platinum Plus 130’, ‘Arctic Plus 50’ and ‘Intense’ models.

The new NARVA ‘Plus 150’ globes are available in 12V H4 (60/55W) and 12V H7 (55W), in single and twin packs, from leading automotive outlets nationwide.

For further information, contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand – 0274 731 203.