NARVA’s New BLUE SPOT L.E.D Light Focuses on Safety

With Occupational Health and Safety requirements now more stringent than ever, NARVA has answered the need for more visibility in warehouse and factory environments with the introduction of the new ‘Blue Spot’ L.E.D safety light to New Zealand.

Busy warehouses and loading docks are often filled with the distracting shrill tones of reverse alarms, trucks and general hustle and bustle.

Whilst a reverse alarm provides a clear audible warning for those in the immediate reversing area, the ‘Blue-Spot’ safety light is an innovative new product designed to warn those on foot and other forklift/vehicle drivers of an approaching fork truck.

“The new light is ideal for forklifts and other mobile equipment or trucks used in materials handling applications,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for NARVA New Zealand.

“Although reversing alarms are already mandatory on such equipment, in loud and busy working environments such as factories and warehouses, the alarm can be lost amongst the noise.”

With a concentrated light projection, NARVA’s ‘Blue Spot’ safety light can be easily mounted to the forklift’s protective roof frame, casting a strong blue coloured beam approximately 500mm wide at 5 metres onto the floor ahead, warning others of the intended driving path.
“The new safety addition is particularly valuable to anyone crossing from a blind angle such as in between racking in front of an oncoming forklift,” says Mr Paterson.

The 9-110Volt light features two potent XP-E 3Watt L.E.Ds and is programmed to be a constant beam, yet despite its strong light output the new ‘Blue Spot’ boasts compact dimensions of just 100mm H x 122mm W x 82mm D.

Thanks to adoption of the latest L.E.D technology, the light has a very low current draw (0.4A at 12V and 0.2A at 24V), plus the benefit of exceptionally long service life, which is especially important when fitted to electrically powered fork trucks. For ease of fitment and durability, stainless steel mounting hardware is also included as standard.

As an added bonus the ‘Blue Spot’ L.E.D safety light is supported by a 5-Year L.E.D NARVA warranty.

Already widely used in the USA, Europe and Australia, the new NARVA ‘Blue Spot’ lights are now available in New Zealand from leading automotive and transport outlets.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand (09) 525 4575