Colour Changes Like a Chameleon

A Paint Colour That Changes Like a Chameleon

Want to add more interest and pizzazz to ordinary household items, hobby projects or even car wheels and accessories?

Now there’s a new paint finish that mimics a real life chameleon – it changes colour when viewed from different angles or in a different light.

The new Chameleon finishes are part of the Plasti Dip Enhancers range of easy-to-use paints that can transform household and workplace items and give them a new lease of life.

Plasti Dip is not just any paint. It’s an ingenious way to cover almost any surface with a synthetic rubber coating that protects, insulates and revitalises. The multi-purpose air-dry, coating can easily be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping and, because it remains flexible and stretchy, it doesn’t become brittle or crack. And Yes its removable just like the rest of the Plasti Dip range.

The Enhancers range was introduced to New Zealand last year with a series of bright Metalizer colours designed to go over the top of a Plasti Dip base coat to provide a coloured, shimmering, metallic finish that can differ depending on the number of coats applied and also the colour of the base.

The new Chameleon colours can be created in the same way, but instead of delivering a single colour, special pigments in the top coat change the hue, depending on the light and the angle it is viewed from. Different effects are available, according to the Chameleon choice, which includes; Turquoise Silver Chameleon and Green Blue Chameleon.

“The effects that can be achieved with the new Chameleon colours are astonishing – it’s like a completely new item when viewed from different angles,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager of Griffiths Equipment, distributor of Plasti Dip in New Zealand.

In addition to the Chameleon finishes, four all-new flat colours have been introduced to the already broad Plasti Dip range; Tangerine, Flex Blue, Black Cherry and Black & Blue.

Like the rest of the Plasti Dip range, these new products are very easy to apply and can be used on a variety of substrates/surfaces to create a protective coating that is easy to grip and non-slip.

Plasti Dip adheres to most hard surfaces, including metal, wood, glass, masonry and other plastics, making is extremely versatile. The Americans refer to it as ‘like duct tape in a can’ because of the myriad of uses.

The Plasti Dip range is available from leading hardware outlets and automotive accessory retailers throughout New Zealand. For more information go to or check out

For further information contact Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager, Griffiths Equipment Ltd phone (09) 525 4575 or 0274 731 203.