Plasti Dip – The Snowball Effect

Every great DIY project starts with a flash of inspiration. But what if that inspiration came from something you’re already using for another project? What if that something came in a handy container? And what if that something was Plasti Dip?
Thus begins the newest installment of “True Tales of Plasti Dip!”*
Tom, a DIY fanatic and newly minted Plasti Dip aficionado, bought a can of black aerosol Plasti Dip with the intent of “blacking out” the grille on his car. This project went off without a hitch, and Tom was more than pleased with the results.

Tom with his “new” Plasti Dipped grille
However, after completing his project, he discovered that he still had an ample amount of Plasti Dip left in the spray can. “Gee,” Tom thought, scratching his head contemplatively, “what else can I use this amazing product for?”**
Quicker than a rabbit’s sneeze, he was finding applications for Plasti Dip all over his house. First, he went old-school and Plasti Dipped some tools to add an improved grip and cushioning on the cold, hard steel. This is, of course, Plasti Dip’s original purpose, and Tom reports that it turned out swimmingly.

Next, perpetually pestered by a pesky sliding screen door handle, he sprayed a thin coat of Plasti Dip onto said handle. After an appropriate amount of drying time, Tom recoated the handle, repeating the process for a total of five coats. Before he started, the door handle was chipped and slippery. Tom says it’s now nice and tacky and grips like a dream. (The Plasti Dip is hard to distinguish in the photo, as the handle was black to begin with, but Tom assures us it’s there!)

From there, he went on to a plethora of additional projects—too many to list here—until he finally exhausted his can of Plasti Dip. And so, much like a tiny snowball rolling downhill can turn into a massive, icy juggernaut, picking up more and more snow as it goes, a great idea with Plasti Dip can lead to more and more great ideas.