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Product Information – Pod Filters

36 WS00277RWildcat Pod Filters

Give your engine a breath of fresh air, replace your original air filter with a high performance / hi flow Pod Filter

Most pod filters are sold as universal fitment, the adaptors that are used to attach them to your intake are not supplied with the filter and have to be purchase separately.

Heat should also be considered when installing your pod filter, as hot air will reduce the benefits of reduced restriction. Heat shields are available and should be used to protect the filter.

Listed below are some of the benefits of fitting Pod Filters

• Dramatically out-performs original filters
• Washable, Re-oil, Reuse – over and over again
• 360? of filtration for maximum air flow
• Accordion element design for increased surface volume
• Less restriction = More horse power (Kilowatts)
• Available in red, blue, chrome and carbon fibre


Wildcat have a range of adaptors available to suit most applications

Maintenance and Care

Wildcat cleaning kit and re-oiling kits are available and we recommended that you use when servicing your filter

Air filters should be cleaned every 10,000-kms

1/ Remove your filter from your vehicle

2/ Brush the element (red cotton part) gently with a soft brush.

3/ To clean the element spray with the air filter cleaner fluid and leave to soak for 10

4/ Wash the element with low water pressure. The direction of the wash should be
from the inside of filter to the outside of the filter.

5/ The air filter must dry naturally.

6/After cleaning and drying the filter must be oiled. Ensure that all filtration foils
are oiled evenly

7/ Reinstall the filter to the vehicle.

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