Projecta’s New Super Inverter

Projecta’s New Super Inverter Is Super Powerful

As we load more appliances onto commercial and recreational vehicles and boats, so does the demand for a high-performance power source.

That demand has now been answered in New Zealand with the introduction of Projecta’s most powerful inverter to date, the all-new 24-Volt IP3000-24 model.

Part of Projecta’s much-acclaimed Intelli-wave family of inverters the new IP3000-24 is designed to power up and run the most demanding appliances with ease and reliability on larger vehicles with 24-Volt electric systems.

“Computers, mini fridges, hair dryers, TVs and even drones used on the move are becoming much more demanding and they draw a huge load, so you need a power source that can handle it with ease – and that’s what Projecta has come up with,” says Todd Walters, Marketing Manager for NARVA New Zealand, which distributes the leading battery products from Projecta in this market.

This latest pure sine wave powerhouse offers an incredible 6,000W of peak power for up to 3 seconds and 4,500W for up to 10 seconds, overcoming the most demanding appliance start up requirements.

With 2,400W/10A of continuous power provided by its 240V AC socket and 3,000W/13A when hardwired via the included wiring kit, there is little the new IP3000-24 can’t operate on the go with complete safety and peace of mind.

Mr Walter says the new super inverter can also be wired for remote activation via the switch node, which allows it to be neatly installed out of view making it ideal in the case of OEM applications for caravans, mobile homes and boats. A selectable ‘eco mode’ allows the inverter to shut off output if load value is less than 50VA, preserving power.

The Projecta IP3000-24 incorporates a host of advanced safety features, including voltage, temperature, fault and overload protections to safeguard against injury and damage to sensitive appliances, electrical systems and batteries.

Fully-isolated and meeting the latest AS/NZS 4763 standards, the input voltage, output load level, fault code LED indicators ensure easy error diagnosis – there’s an audible alarm to warn the user of any faults. And, for total peace of mind, the new inverter is backed by Projecta’s 2-year warranty.

The new Projecta Intelli-wave IP3000-24 pure sine wave inverter is available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand (09) 525 4575