Safe Lithium Jump Starters

Projecta Unveils Safe Lithium Jump Starters

Jump starters are a great emergency idea to fall back on should your vehicle suffer a flat battery, or you need a dependable power source for camping……it’s just that most people think of them as heavy and rather cumbersome to lug around.

Not anymore.

Projecta has unveiled a new range of affordable jump starters that are compact enough to carry around in your glovebox, thanks to the latest lithium technology.

They also use smart technology which prevents the lithium from over-heating when used incorrectly making them entirely safe.

There are two models in the new Projecta ‘Intelli-start’ 12V Lithium Emergency Jump Starter range now on sale in New Zealand; 900A and 1200A, which are suited to most motorcycles, passenger cars and four wheel drives.

Featuring advanced lithium battery technology, these new jump starters are powerful yet compact and lightweight – they can be up to 90% lighter than old technology lead acid jump starters!

Compared to lead acid jump starters, the high output lithium technology also provides a much longer storage life without requiring recharging. This allows the units to be stored in a vehicle glovebox, centre console or vehicle boot, in the knowledge that they’ll be ready for use when called upon. When recharging is needed, this is a fast and easy process via a handy USB lead.

Despite their compact dimensions and long storage life, Projecta’s ‘Intelli-start’ emergency jump starters provide enough power to bring life to even the biggest of engines. The 900A variant offers 280A of clamp power to start vehicles with engines up to 3.2- litres (diesel) and 6.0- litres (petrol).

Meanwhile, the 400A of clamp power provide the 1200A model with enough grunt to start diesel engines up to 4.5-litres and petrol engines up to an enormous 7.0-litres.

“These really are new-age jump starters,” says Tim Paterson of NARVA New Zealand, which distributes Projecta battery-related products here. “They are easy to carry, powerful and the safety features prevent any potential issues from misuse which is very important when dealing with lithium jumpstarters.”

Projector’s new jump starters offer maximum safety and reliability by providing in-built protection in each unit with features not available in some products on the market. The battery can be isolated from the clamps if the battery becomes unstable (hot) and allows the unit to survive a direct short of the clamps.

Other benefits of the Projecta ‘Intelli-start’ jump starters include the ability to act as a power bank, enabling charging of any phone types as well as tablets and other portable devices such as SatNav systems. They can also provide power to run camping lights.

Operating the ‘Intelli-start’ is easy with simple on/off and over-ride buttons, plus L.E.D indicators identifying battery status and clamp connections. For night time operation, each is equipped with an in-built 1Watt LED flood light with SOS function.

Included with each ‘Intelli-start’ is a durable padded carry case, 12Volt, 2.1Amp USB charging plug adaptor, micro USB charging lead and premium spark-free clamps.

Projecta’s new Intelli-start 900A and 1200A emergency jump starters can be purchased from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand (09) 525 4575