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Restore Dull Headlight Lenses & Lift Night Safety

Motorists can increase their night-time vision and become much safer on the road by simply restoring the clarity of their headlight lens.

Over time, plastic headlight lenses become dull, clouded or yellow through a process of oxidisation from UV sunlight, as well as other factors, including road grime and airborne pollution. This can cut the light from the vehicle’s headlamps by a significant factor, reducing the driver’s vision of the road ahead, particularly on dark, unlit streets.

There are professional businesses that can restore the lenses or in some cases, replace them, but a new Headlight Restoration Kit that has been developed by US-based Rain-X is now available for motorists who want to do it themselves and it delivers an excellent result.
Recently introduced to the New Zealand market through leading automotive products distributor, Griffiths Equipment, the new Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit helps to restore clear plastic by removing the haze and discolouration.

“It’s worrying how much light you can lose from yellowing or hazing of the plastic headlight covers and because it happens over time, you don’t realise it,” says Bruce Walker, Sales Manager for Griffith Equipment Ltd.

“Rain-X is a trusted name and we have tested it ourselves and can vouch for the fact that it really does work.”

The Rain-X kit has everything the motorist needs to be able to restore clarity to the lens and it comes with a full set of instructions. There are 4 easy steps:

• Step one sees the lens cover washed down to remove any dirt or debris and dry
• Step two uses three different polishing pads to remove the yellowing/haze, returning the headlight lens to a uniform colour
• Step three is the application of the special restorer liquid, to give the lens cover a brighter, clearer finish.
• All headlight lens covers are treated with a UV protective layer when the leave the manufacturer and this will need to be restored, otherwise, it will quickly go yellow again. So step four is the application of a sealant, to keep the lens cover clearer for longer.

Mr Walker says difference after the use of the Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit on a hazy lens cover is immediately noticeable.
“You wonder how you were able to see enough of the road at night to drive safely, it saves the expense of having to replace clouded lenses in extreme cases and it does make a difference,” he says.
The Rain-X brand has been around for more than 40 years and is the leading brand for windscreen glass treatment and cleaning.
Products in the Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit are now available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand starting from $27.

The Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit is now available in New Zealand. For further information contact Bruce Walker, Sales Manager, Griffiths Equipment Ltd phone (09) 525 4575 or 0274 724 439.