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Scene Lights For Emergency Vehicles

Scene Lights For Emergency Vehicles

NARVA Introduces Scene Lights For Emergency Vehicles & Marine Use

NARVA has introduced a new Scene Lights For Emergency Vehicles’ in New Zealand that helps provide better illumination around emergency vehicles and for use on boats.

Designed to be installed above vehicle doors to provide additional light for first responders attending emergencies at night, the new NARVA L.E.D Scene Light (Part No, 72467) has been engineered to deliver high levels of protection from water and dust ingress, as well as guarding against UV degradation.

The new NARVA Scene Light features a black die-cast aluminium housing within a Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) cover that provides maximum UV protection and durability in all conditions.

The lamp features a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and contains six 3-Watt high-powered Osram L.E.Ds.

It has been engineered for emergency service vehicles but with a rating of IP68 and IP69 and being fully waterproof, the flood light is ideal for marine applications, particularly in frequently used deck areas and where people board and leave the vessel.

A combination of the surface-mount design and the L.E.D’s positioned at a 40º downward angle, make NARVA’s Scene Light ideal for installation above a passenger door, driver’s door, sliding door or tailgate, where maximum visibility is often required by emergency services and utility vehicles. The high-powered L.E.D’s produce an impressive 1900 lumens of bright white light, using a broad beam light pattern for illuminating work spaces. 

A special white housing version is also available (Part No. 72467W) for white vehicles, RV’s and marine applications.

The new NARVA Scene Light is available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Limited New Zealand (09) 525 4575.