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Tradies Seat Covers
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Marine Lights and Lamps

When you first purchase a boat you will often have a list of modifications you would like to add to your new pride and joy. Rod holders, a Bimini, at least one Chilly Bin… the list goes on. But what about lighting? Lighting is an obvious safety feature on any boat but the latest LED lighting can also help modernise any boat, even a brand new one!

Let’s talk about the many different advantages of using LED lighting technology out on the water, and how Narva can help you maximize your boat’s lighting requirements with Marine Lights and Lamps.


Anyone experienced boatie would know that you must show Navigation Lights between sunset and sunrise, as well as in restricted visibility such as fog. Your Navigation Lights include both Port and Starboard Lamps, which allow other water users to indicate the size of your boat, the angle where you see them, the direction the boat is travelling and if the boat is underway.

Upgrading your Navigation Lights to LED will produce a much stronger light which will be noticed at a much further distance from traditional lights. They will also last longer than a traditional light in the harsh elements, draw less current and modernise the look of your boat to others around you.


Anchor Lamps are compulsory at any time a vessel is anchored at night, providing nearby vessels a visual cue as to the state of your boat. Typically mounted at the highest point of the boat, anchor lamps need to be reliable and emit a strong light for thousands of hours.

Unlike other lighting offerings, Narva’s anchor lamps come in multiple sizes and have a massive life expectancy of over 50,000 hours, meaning you needn’t worry about changing your Anchor Lamp anywhere near as often as usual.


Navigating the tight confines of your boat’s cabin at night without adequate interior lighting can often be a painful experience. In night time marine applications, it is desirable that the interior cabin of a boat is lit with red lighting, which ensures that night vision is maintained and also increases safety.

Upgrading your main cabin lighting to dual colour lamps that allow you to switch between white and red lighting is perfect for any night cruising. It is also worthwhile exploring flat and handle mounted LED light options for other parts of the interior such as cupboards and sleeper cabins.


Underwaters Lamps are a great way to attract fish and also dramatically increase the visibility of marine life and other objects around your boat. Upgrading Underwater Lamps to LED lighting technology will see a strong blue or white light shining through the water with a longer range and a longer service life.


Unlike traditional halogen spotlights, LED Light Bars are a fantastic way to see where you are travelling at night when you are out on the water. Light output is a crisp white colour compared to the dull yellow style from halogen lights, which completely modernises the look of your boat to other water users at night. Not only does the look change, but when using Narva’s LED light bars you receive a 30% brighter output of light compared to other LED light bars so your reach of visibility on the water is drastically increased.

If, however you would like the ability to see 360° then maybe a remote search lamp is what you are after. With the Narva L.E.D Remote Search Lamps, you can choose between 3000 or 5000 Lumen outputs along with your choice of Black or White housings.    


Narva Scene Lights are ideal for a wide variety of applications including marine. Featuring the highest-level ingress protection these scene lights are guaranteed not to suffer water or dust ingress. 

Providing a broad beam pattern with fantastic, 5700°K colour output making these lights ideal for marine applications. The light is also designed so that when surface mounted it provides the optimum angle for lighting an area (40 degrees). The lights are also fully operational from 9-33V making them suitable for any marine application.


As well as all of the mentioned lighting options, Narva has Masthead LampsStern LampsDock Lamps, Deck Lamps, Work Lamps and others suitable for marine applications in LED form.

When thinking of upgrading the lighting on your boat you must consider making the switch to LED. LED technology has a much lower power draw reducing the strain on your boat’s battery compared to traditional lights, and also achieves a significantly longer service life.

All of Narva’s Marine application products achieve an IP rating ranging between IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K and are all fully sealed and salt spray resistant. Any lights that have hardware attached are made with marine grade 316 stainless steel mounting hardware to reduce the risk of corrosion. Narva Navigation, Anchor, Masthead and Stern Lamps all meet USCG & ABYC A-16 standards.

To learn more about Narva’s marine LED offerings, check out the marine section of our new catalogue.