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NARVA Lifts The Mood With Two-Lights-In-One

Two Lights In One Want to change the evening mood inside the cabin of your boat, campervan or caravan? Change it from white to blue, or amber or red. At the flick of a switch.

That’s exactly what you can do with NARVA’s new range of 12V Dual Colour L.E.D Strip/Round Lamps, allowing you to change the mood or just chill out after dark and enjoy an ambient hue with less glare.

“Once you’ve finished your evening meal on the boat or at a campsite it’s good to be able to switch from a bright white light to something softer or more colourful and that’s what our new Dual Colour L.E.Ds can do,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, which distributes NARVA automotive lighting products throughout New Zealand.

Three options of the L.E.D Strip Lamps are available, providing the following colour combinations: White/Amber, White/Red and White/Blue. All models are fully sealed to the IP66 standard and resistant to sea salt spray, making them ideal for use on boats as well as in four-wheel-drives, campervans and caravans. 

While all three models provide a crisp white light output at 6200°K making it easy to locate items around the campsite, inside a boat cabin or under the canopy attached to a four-wheel drive, it’s the ability to switch to alternative colours at the push of a button, that makes these L.E.D Strip Lamps extremely flexible.

Navigating the tight confines of your boat’s cabin at night without adequate interior lighting can often be a painful experience. In night-time marine applications, it is desirable that the interior cabin of a boat is lit with red lighting, which ensures that night vision is maintained and also increases safety.

On the inside of caravans, motorhomes and boats the blue-coloured option is great for providing mood lighting and even for use as a night light.

The compact and sleek design of the Dual Colour L.E.D strip light models, with a 13mm profile and a length of 285mm, makes them just as easy to position on a caravan/campervan, boat or four-wheel-drive. 

To enable easy installation, all lamps are provided with stainless steel fixing screws and snap on end covers.

For added convenience, the White/Red and White/Blue variants also feature a touch switch to turn them on, change colour and off. The lamps also benefit from an extremely low current draw of 0.41A at 12V (White) and 0.19A at 12V (Amber/Red/Blue). SMD L.E.D technology also ensures the new lamps are extremely reliable.

The round Dual Colour L.E.D lights are available in either a white or black housing, to suit the interior of any boat or caravan/campervan. They are available in two variants, a 75mm diameter version which has a slim 10mm profile that draws 0.03A at 12V and a 130mm version with a 11mm slim profile that draws 0.20A at 12V. Both also feature the convenient touch switch and output a white light at 5700°K.

NARVA’s new Dual Colour L.E.D Strip/Round Lamps are ultra-reliable with 50,000 hours life and backed by a 5-year L.E.D warranty and are now available from leading automotive retailers throughout New Zealand. 

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For further information contact Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Limited New Zealand (09) 525 4575.