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Kicker Amps Up Bass

Kicker Amps Up Bass

Kicker Amps Up Bass – American car audio specialist, Kicker, has amped up its powered Hideaway offer to include a larger and more powerful 10-inch version which is now available in New Zealand

The all-new Kicker Hideaway HS10 is a compact, powered, 10-inch subwoofer that delivers surprising low frequency impact in a tough, all-alluminium frame. 

Building on the success of its little brother, the Hideaway HS8, the Hideaway HS10 adds more power (180Watts versus 150Watts) in a larger woofer (10-inch vs 8-inch) whilst keeping the subwoofer’s overall dimensions similar to the HS8 – it’s only two millimetres taller. That means it can be installed as a direct replacement to an HS8 – just unplug the old subwoofer and plug in the new HS10.

“The HS8 Hideaway has been massively successful for Kicker for many years and when the company challenged its engineers to come up with the next big thing, the new Hideaway HS10 was born,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, which distributes Kicker audio throughout New Zealand.

“The improvements in the HS10 versus the HS8 are more cone area and more power but in addition Kicker has increased the input voltage for high-level input. So anyone who has a truly high-powered factory installed audio system in their car but still wants more bass can swap straight into the HS10.” 

Features include high and low-level inputs for integration with nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit.

Installation is simple thanks to the ultra-compact Hideaway Enclosure, which offers the quickest and easiest way to add a subwoofer to any vehicle, providing the signature Kicker bass in a small space.

The HS10 comes with a quick-connect Molex plug and harness that includes power, signal and remote turn-on. 

Mr Paterson says the new HS10 has been meticulously finetuned by Kicker engineers to deliver astounding performance and sound without the time-consuming setup required for a typical amp-sub upgrade.

The new Kicker Hideaway HS10 comes with an adjustable low-pass crossover, variable +6dB bass boost, phase switch and a remote control so the driver can change the amount of bass without changing the audio volume, for the perfect mixture of bass at any volume.

Kicker, aka the ‘Ace of bass’, has a history stretching back to 1973 when it launched its first speakers on the market. Over the years, Kicker’s subwoofers have become synonymous with high-quality audio, consistently provide maximum performance and bass to millions of vehicle owners. 

The new Kicker Hideaway HS10 subwoofer is now available from leading automotive retail outlets throughout New Zealand. For more information go to the www.kickernz.co.nz website.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Limited New Zealand (09) 525 4575.