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Corrosion-Free NARVA LED Marine Lamp 

Corrosion-Free NARVA LED Marine Lamp 

A new Dual Colour LED marine floodlamp from NARVA not only provides superior lighting for safer boating at night, but also incorporates special materials to ward off corrosion, thus prolonging its working life. 

Just released onto the New Zealand market, the new NARVA LED deck lamp, features hard-wearing plastic materials in the body and bracket, in place of metal components. Using these tough new materials will prevent corrosion of the lamp, bracket and specifically, galvanic corrosion in the harsh marine environment on aluminium boats.

“Anyone who has spent extended time in the marine industry knows that corrosion, especially galvanic corrosion on aluminium boats, needs to be managed correctly,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, which distributes NARVA automotive and marine lighting products throughout New Zealand.

“With clever engineering these new deck lamps have solved this issue once and for all with an all-nylon body and bracket.”

Mr Paterson says that traditionally the bracket would be stainless steel, however by using a nylon bracket and nylon fixing hardware, including a nylon locknut and washer to fix the lamp to the boat, galvanic corrosion between the bracket and aluminium is no longer possible.

The nylon bracket has been engineered to be extremely strong, which includes shock and vibration testing to marine standard JIS D1601, to ensure that it will not break in even the roughest seas.

Through more clever engineering, the bracket can be rotated 360-degrees to ensure easy mounting and the option of either a single bolt or two screws ensures that when there is no space behind the mounting surface the lamp can still be easily mounted

Meanwhile, the LEDs project a wide flood beam to illuminate a greater area and feature dual colour capability, easily switching between white and red output to suit the user’s needs. 

When required, the white output lights up the deck of the boat perfectly, thanks to its 1,000 Lumen output (5700°K) and if night vision is key, the red light provides plenty of light (623nm) to operate without losing the precious night vision.

Mr Paterson says the new NARVA LED Deck Lamp has been specifically designed to operate in marine environments, to IP67 requirements. And because it uses LED technology, the new lamp draws very little current from the batteries (0.57A @12V for the white light), which is an important factor on a boat where battery power needs to be preserved.

The new NARVA LED Deck Lamp comes in a choice of white or black body finishes. It is covered by NARVA’s 5-year L.E.D warranty and is available for purchase from leading marine and automotive retailers throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Limited New Zealand (09) 525 4575.