NARVA Model 49 Lights
Revolutionary Rapid Recharge Technology

Inspection light now even better

Narva has upgraded Kiwi workshops’ favourite cordless inspection light

The ‘See Ezy’ rechargeable LED Inspection Light revolutionised task lighting in workshops, providing powerful illumination in a compact, cordless form while offering a full day’s operation at maximum power.

What’s more, it was virtually indestructible and came with concealed magnets and a built-in hook, making it easy to fix in a convenient place for simple hands-free operation. And yet with all these features, Narva has still managed to improve it.

The new light, model 71322, is equipped with 36 SMD LEDs that produce an ultra-bright 1000 effective lumens of flood lighting, ideal for illuminating engine bays, wheel wells, and underbody applications. The new model includes a 100-lumen torch light, which produces a powerful focused beam, increasing the light’s versatility.

Depending on the output selected, battery life ranges from eight hours on the maximum power output, to 16 hours of continuous use on the low setting, 500 effective lumens.

Finer levels of control over the light’s output modes increase its functionality, which also  translates into additional battery life.

Three output modes — low, high, and torch — allow selection of the right output for the job at hand. The new See Ezy light also features an ‘Auto turn-off’ function. It turns off the light automatically after two hours of continuous use, in case the light has been left on accidentally. Prior to switching off, though, the flood light will flash to alert users that it is about to turn off. If the operator wants continuous light, he or she can disable auto turnoff by holding the power-on button for 10 seconds.

To minimise the chance of being caught out with a low battery, the new light also features an LED display indicating remaining battery life. The LED display is activated by holding the  power button on for two seconds. 

The new See Ezy light comes with a compact docking station which uses a USB-C charging port. Charging from completely flat to full charge takes about 5.5 hours.

The new See Ezy light carries over successful features from its predecessors. It has magnets and hooks for hands-free operation, and a new design durable, weatherproof rubber housing (IP65) which is also shock-resistant, tested to IK07 levels. The unit is completed with a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens that’s been chemically tested to resist oils and fuels.

The light also benefits from a comfortable, ergonomically-designed grip that makes it perfect for long use. The new See Ezy Rechargeable LED Inspection Light (part No. 71322) is backed by a one-year LED warranty. It is available from leading transport and automotive outlets nationwide. For more information see

For further information contact Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Ltd, New Zealand (09) 525 4575.