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Revolutionary Rapid Recharge Technology

On-the-spot recharging: PROJECTA’s revolutionary consumer jump-starters recharge within seconds

Projecta is following up the launch of its INTELLI-START (IS) 1500A professional jump-starter with two new small and portable consumer-grade jump-starters, the IS920 and IS1220, which also feature PROJECTA’s revolutionary Rapid Recharge Technology.

Lightweight lithium battery technology has revolutionised the convenience of portable jump-starters making them much more portable and convenient to carry in any vehicle.

Now Projecta’s Rapid Recharge Technology has taken the next leap forward in convenience  and ease of use by eliminating the need to connect jump-starters to a wall socket to recharge them. Because they are often used in a hurry, they are often put away without a thought to recharging them. A few starts later and they could be as much use as the car’s own dead battery.

Like the IS1500 model professional jump-starter, the RRT-equipped IS920 and IS1220 models can do away with traditional recharging. Once the vehicle is running, the user simply leaves the jump-starter connected to the running vehicle for 40 seconds to fully replenish the charge used to start it. The new consumer units replace the earlier IS910E and IS1210E jump starter models.

Revolutionary Rapid Recharge Technology

Part of the RRT revolution is the lithium iron phosphate technology in the units’ batteries, which can accept much higher levels of charge than other lithium technologies. Projecta has combined this new battery construction with intelligent battery management to form Protecta’s unique ‘Rapid Recharge Technology’ which allows them to accept charge from the vehicle alternator — provided the alternator is still working. In just 40 seconds an Intelli-start jump starter will recover 100 per cent of the depletion.

This saves time and increases convenience, as the jump-starter will always be charged and ready when needed. Other benefits of the LiFePO₄ batteries include a longer operational life (up to 1800 battery cycles) — that’s around four times higher than competitor products.

Both the IS920 and IS1220 are suitable for use on a wide range of vehicles including motorcycles, watercraft, passenger cars and four-wheel drives, and can be used in extreme temperatures, even as low as -20°C.

Providing 900A peak amps and 240A clamp power, the IS920 can start four-, six-, and eight-cylinder petrol engines of up to a 6.0l capacity, and will have enough charge to jump a vehicle with a flat battery up to 14 times (more of course if the jump-starter is recharged at the time of use).

The more powerful IS1220 with 1200A peak amps and 400A clamp power provides even greater versatility, and is suitable for petrol engines of up to 7.0l capacity and on diesels as large as 4.5l. This unit holds enough charge to jump start a petrol engine up to 68 times or a diesel as many as 34 times. With the patented RRT though, it’s fast and easy to keep the device fully charged all of the time.

As well as being easy, convenient, and practical, the new IS920 and IS1220 jump-starters are designed to be easy and safe to use. Their LiFePO₄ batteries have been purpose-built for high current demand cranking and fast recharging, making them much safer than the lithium cobalt (LiCoO₂) batteries found in many competitors’ jump-starters.

The smarts in the RRT instantly recognise whether power is demanded from the charger or whether power is available for recharging. This ‘all-in-one’ protection circuitry alerts users to connections to the wrong terminals, preventing surges, overheating, and overcharging. That gives protection both to users and to vehicles’ sensitive electronics. The units also feature premium, ergonomically-designed clamps that won’t spark if connected to the wrong terminals.

Operating the new models is also simple — an indicator light lets the user know that the jump-starter is correctly connected to the battery, while another light shows the level of remaining charge.

For added durability the IS920 and IS1220 are resistant to dust and dirt, and are splash- proof rated to IP53. They also feature a rubber moulded housing that’s impact and drop resistant.

Other benefits of these new models include a 2.1A USB outlet that allows the units to be used as powerbanks to recharge mobile devices; they also include a bright, built-in L.E.D light which is perfect for breakdown or emergency situations.

Both new models feature a compact design, removable clamps and come with a convenient  and tidy storage pouch that will fit easily in most gloveboxes, meaning they’re always on hand. 

“Being small, light, easily stowed, and easy to use, these jump-starters make mums, dads, adventurers — anyone — always ready to offer someone a helping hand with a flat battery,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment Limited, which distributes Projecta advanced automotive products in New Zealand . “These jump-starters are designed for everyone.”

For further information contact: Tim Paterson, Griffiths Equipment Ltd, New Zealand (09) 525 4575.