Black Magic started out as a single product, a thick silicone trim shine packaged in a squeeze bottle and applied to trim and bumpers with a cloth or sponge. Consumers started using it on tires as well because it stayed shiny longer than competitor’s products.

The success of this tire care product in the 1990’s demonstrated the need for tire shine products, so the scientists and marketers developed Black Magic Tire Wet to provide a professional quality tire shine to the retail market. Black Magic Tire Wet was so successful that it soon outshined the original Black Magic trim and is now the #1 selling tire dressing in the US retail market.

A product line was born and expanded into a line of tire & wheel care, vehicle wash, wax and detail products. Black Magic products became a hit with automotive detailers and enthusiasts alike as the focus on vehicle appearance shifted to emphasize wheels and tires.

Black Magic is all about creating your image, your style, your confidence, and it’s definitely all about your shine. We know your ride is a reflection of who you are, and when Black Magic shine. The same can be said for our Black Magic motorsports pros like Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg; when they win, Black Magic wins. Whether on the track, on the top of the podium, or in your own garage, own your shine with Black Magic.