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Safety and security are paramount in the 21st century. From reversing cameras to vehicle trackers, there are a multitude of ways in which to make the driving experience an easier and less stressful one. Gator offers a wide range of driver assist products such as reversing cameras and monitors, reversing sensors, HUD, TPMS, in-car entertainment and much more, including a new Gator Tracking Service.

The Dash Camera has become a staple for most vehicles in recent times, and its value cannot be understated. Dash Cameras provide a visual record of everything the driver sees – accidents, road rage, or criminal acts no longer become a case of your word versus theirs. The data is safely saved onto an SD card and can be used for any insurance claims or police evidence.

Reversing Cameras have become another piece of technology of importance in driver safety. Reversing isn’t always an easy task, but with a Reversing Camera, things become much easier and safer. Whether you’re in a small car, or in a large van or truck, Gator's long line of enhanced vision systems for superior and all-round vehicle awareness, can certainly make reversing a much simpler task. This is important not only for the driver, but also for the greater safety of other people around them.

From a business perspective, it is important to know that your company-owned vehicles are in safe hands. Vehicle GPS trackers give employers peace of mind, with its driver behaviour monitoring system. Now you’ll know how your employees are handling your vehicles and if they're being reckless or careless. You can also set up geo-fences, places and routes; should the employee begin driving into an area that is not predetermined or recognised, some tracking systems can send a notification to alert you of the situation.

Have a look at what Gator has to offer, with these products and more.