All Blacks


It’s never nice getting into a vehicle and noticing a foul odour. Especially when you must be around the odour for the duration of your journey. Even more so, when you know you’re going to have passengers in your car too. Well, worry no more! With Little Joe car air fresheners, your car will be smelling fresh and clean for yourself and your passengers. Little Joe car air fresheners are available in a wide range of natural and pleasant fragrances. You can expect up to 45 days of cherry fragrance in your car, but Little Joe will continue to smile at you long after the scent is gone. Little Joe ensures that your car interior does not have any bad odours and always smells fresh and clean.

We stock 6 individually crafted fragrances to choose from; Vanilla, New Car, Passionfruit, Cherry, Ocean Splash, and Sweet As. Little Joe is a fun and functional car accessory which will bring a smile to your face, brighten your day and make your drive more pleasurable!