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In 1983, the Lynx brand began on their mission to keep men smelling their best. Three variants of men’s deodorant were released, to great success. After releasing new variants of deodorant over the next 17 years, Lynx brought in the new millennium by expanding their range to include shampoo and hair stylers. Men wouldn’t just smell fresh, they’ll be looking and feeling fresh too.

And now, Lynx are branching into new territory – vehicle air fresheners. Lynx’s sealed air fresheners keep your car, ute, van or truck smelling fresh and invigorating for longer. Their iconic scents, such as Lynx Africa and Lynx Gold, will be available in 2020 for your vehicle. Lynx is committed to producing styling & grooming products that help guys look better, smell better and feel more confident when taking on the world, and now you’ll be able to step out of the car and step up to whatever the day throws at you.

3D Hanging Car Freshener: Ideal for hanging from your rear-view-mirror, the scented discs bring a choice of five authentic fragrances to your ride.

Gel Can Freshener: Can be placed easily within your car’s interior, and is made from a hard-wearing ceramic material. It’ll give you the confidence you’re looking for.

Vent Car Freshener: Made from a high-quality ceramic material, this is the ultimate product to freshen up your ride – these stylish car fresheners clip easily onto your car’s vents.

Mini Vent: The mini vent has a sleek, circular design. Simply clip the mini vent car freshener onto your car’s vents to help you control the freshness of your ride wherever you are.

Don’t rely on fate. Seal the deal, and keep your car smelling fresh for yourself and your passengers.