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Many key remotes have damaged buttons, and in most cases cannot be obtained as a spare part. MAP (Mechatronics Auto Parts) offers a high-quality replacement, with video clip instructions for the replacement process.

The brand was launched in 2012 and began with a range of key rubbers for vehicles that are popular in Australia. Since then, MAP has expanded into an extensive range of replacement remote buttons, and shells to suit many popular makes and models. Alongside this, coming soon will be a complimentary range of complete keys, key fobs and remotes, which includes units that may require unique or specific programming.

MAP is committed to providing quality mechatronic components to the Australian & New Zealand automotive industries, and MAP’s range of products are all tested and approved by their research and development team. The team at MAP are dedicated to providing superior quality products. This has been highlighted by the International Standards organization award of the ISO9001:2000 accreditation. MAP is the only automotive electronics remanufacturer in the southern hemisphere to achieve this recognition.

At MAP, the team members are asked to embrace a simple, but wide-ranging purpose. Simply put, “We exist to value all people and our planet”. This means our team will value each other, customer and suppliers, as well as supporting community, charities and caring for our environment.

For all your remote replacement parts, look no further than MAP.