The Wildcat brand originated in 1957. It started when Rootes Group first fitted their outstanding 1500cc OHV engine into the Hillman. This saloon car proved a winner on the circuits and quickly created a demand for increased performance.

Griffiths Equipment started producing twin carb manifolds for this engine and introduced a floorshift gearchange conversion to replace the existing column shift. This was extensively used by both family and sporting motorists.

By the early 1970’s Griffiths Equipment was producing a wide range of performance accessories under the Wildcat brand including manifolds, headers, mufflers, floorshifts and air cleaners. The company introduced the first tuning shop for motoring addicts and was involved with many race and rally cars of the day.

This Hillman Avenger was entered by Todd motors in the 1971 Heatway Motor Rally and was tuned for the event by Griffiths Equipment.

In 1973 the Wildcat brand continued to expand with a new and exciting range of alloy wheels. These alloy wheels were some of the first produced in the world and were manufactured by a Griffiths subsidiary company in Auckland. This was the start of the alloy wheel revolution in New Zealand. During the 1980’s and 1990’s the Wildcat brand was very prominent in Alloy Wheels.

With the advent of used Japanese Import Cars the days of performance equipment gradually died and the company became a major importer of automotive accessories representing many major overseas brands. Today the Wildcat brand is still proudly represented in a vast range of automotive accessories such as Mats, Number Plate Frames, Steering Wheel Covers, Window Tint, Seat Covers, Air Fresheners and many other popular accessories.