Clip-on Hangs On To Everything

For people who are always losing keys or other small items or just want a way to attach them to a belt or backpack, there’s now a handy solution.

It’s a unique double clip ‘karabiner’, which is ideal for holding onto a myriad of items, from keys to cameras or drink bottles and it is even strong enough to hang pot plants on.

Just released in New Zealand, it goes by the name of S-Biner, because it’s shaped like the letter S, and it also combines with the word karabiner, a name given to a metal loop clip with a spring loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect items (often associated with mountain climbers for attaching ropes and fittings).

But the S-Biner has been designed to be much more versatile than a mountain climbing accessory, thanks to its dual spring gated carabiner design.

Made of high quality, weather-resistant stainless steel, this ultra-handy accessory will hold, secure and connect just about anything that has a handle, loop or eyelet, weighing from 1.5kg up to 40kg, depending on the size of the S-Biner model purchased.

The S-Biner is available in a variety of handy sizes, from lightweight models ideal for holding a handful of keys to larger versions capable of holding much bulkier and heavier items. Thanks to their dual spring connectors, keys can be clipped to a belt or held securely in place inside a handbag; drink bottles can be attached to a backpack; or a lantern can be attached to a tent support.
They can also be used to hold zippers together on a travel bag/backpack/suitcase and by linking two or more S-Biners they can form a small chain, for use, say, in holding a pair of cupboard doors closed.

“They are incredibly versatile – once you have one or more, you find all sorts of ways to use them and you wonder how you managed before the S-Biner came along,” says Bruce Walker, Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, the New Zealand importer and distributor of products made by the creator of S-Biner, Nite Ize of Boulder, Colorado in the US.
“The smaller sizes are great for hanging lighter things from a belt or backpack strap for those going on a hike or camping trip, as well as holding various items around the home, garage or even workplace. The larger size can be used for things like hanging a paint can from ladders or steps or dangling a tool from a belt.”

The S-biner is part of a range of useful accessories made by Nite Ize, which has also designed a sliding mechanism that locks the gates on the S-Biner for added security and is available in two sizes. The S-Biner SlideLock will stay firmly locked until the owner chooses to unlock it, allowing for simple and secure linking, attaching, and carrying.
Another useful product from Nite Ize is the Infini-Key Ring, also made of lightweight, durable stainless steel, which is designed to multiple keys, and has the ability to isolate and remove any one of them without having to struggle with a stubborn split key ring.

Like the S-Biner, it can be attached to a belt for convenience, eliminating the weight and wear from carrying large numbers of keys in a pocket.

The Nite Ize-made S-Biner and its accessories are available from leading chains stores, hardware and automotive outlets throughout New Zealand.