Mini L.E.D Flood Light

Versatile NARVA Mini L.E.D Flood Light

The new, portable NARVA SeeEzy Re-chargeable Mini L.E.D Workshop Flood Light is so versatile, every home and business in New Zealand should have one.

As the latest member of NARVA’s popular High-Powered L.E.D Flood Light range, the new ‘SeeEzy Mini’ has been designed for use anywhere around the home, garage, workshop or business and its compact dimensions also make it ideal for outdoor activities, such as caravanning and camping.

Through a high-capacity re-chargeable lithium-ion battery and powerful 10W COB L.E.D, the ‘SeeEzy Mini’ offers big performance but in a more compact package than its larger (Part no. 71350) stablemate, which was introduced to the New Zealand market earlier in the year.

At full power, the new ‘SeeEzy Mini’ (Part no. 71345) produces an impressive 1,000 Lumen of brilliant, white light over a wide area for up to two hours. If full power isn’t required, the operator can extend the illumination time by changing the output to 500 Lumen to provide up to four hours or 250 Lumen, which provides light for up to 8.5 hours before re-charging.

“This has to be the handiest flood light on the market,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for NARVA New Zealand.

“No need to plug it in and no cumbersome wires, it takes up very little space when stored and it provides plenty of light at full charge for many jobs around the home or work and sufficient light for an evening around the camp or at a fishing spot.”

Developed for use in tough workshop environments, the NARVA ‘SeeEzy Mini’ features an impact-resistant rubber frame and a durable nylon handle that has a 180-degree range of motion. The handle is designed to be used as a stand for the floor/ground or bench and also features a powerful magnet to make it easy to affix to metal surfaces, such as under the bonnet of a car or commercial vehicle.

Users wanting to position the light at a higher point can option NARVA’s optional telescopic stand (Part no. 71372), which is available at an additional cost and provides hands-free lighting regardless of the location.
Suitable for outdoor use, the ‘SeeEzy Mini’ boasts an IP65 rating that allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions during field work, out camping or at the beach.

Charging the light in the workshop or on the move is fast and easy via the included 1.5-metre USB adaptor cable or the 240V wall plug.

As well as providing fast charging and a high-power output, the Lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, ensuring a long shelf life. An intelligent battery indicator located near the power switch at the back of the light allows the user to monitor the remaining battery life. And as an added bonus, the light can be operated while charging is in progress.

NARVA’s highly versatile, high-powered, re-chargeable ‘SeeEzy Mini’ L.E.D flood light is backed by a 3-year L.E.D warranty and is available from leading automotive and transport outlets throughout New Zealand.

For further information contact Tim Paterson, NARVA New Zealand (09) 525 4575