Plasti Dip Like a Pro

Welcome to the Weekend Workshop, a place where you can save some cash by getting your hands dirty. These tech guides aim to arm you with the necessary info and knowledge to get out there and give it a go yourself — with no professionals needed, and at a price tag that won’t break the bank.

This month we delve into a new product on the New Zealand market, Plasti Dip, a synthetic rubber coating that can be applied to nearly any surface with little-to-no prep. Then once you’re ready for a change, it can easily be removed without any damage or residue left on the existing surface, yet it’s hard-wearing enough to last 12 months or more under our harsh sunlight here in New Zealand.

While the product lends itself to many uses, including full resprays, we will focus on painting a set of wheels. The wheels in question belong to the Assistant Ed.’s tow vehicle. The 22-inch chromes needed to go, and this was the perfect test bed for the application of the Plasti Dip.

For this particular job we used the aerosol cans, although you can purchase Plasti Dip as a bulk item,and spray it using a high-volume– low-pressure spray gun. The size and dish of the 22s meant there was a lotof surface area to cover and we used three-and-a-half cans to achieve coverage, so the total cost of the project came in under $120 and took around two hours to complete.

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